CES Celebrates Families
Families Come in All Flavors; We Love the Techie Ones

Parenting has always been  the toughest and most rewarding job, simultaneously. At the FamilyTech Summit we look at the how technology is changing the shape of family life.  This year it was all about smart homes, the pressure to raise smart kids, and smart ways to give the tech in the family its rightful place.  And we had some smart people sharing their vision of all of this “smartness”.

Here’s what made the news on and off the showfloor at FamilyTech Summit.

5 Things We’re Keeping an Eye On

    • Screens in (and outside) the home:  The average family is upping their screen quotient. From mobile devices, to kitchen appliances and thermostat with built in screens, to screens on wrists and in entertainment rooms.  Screens are an invitation to step into worlds of information.
    • The Internet of Things:  It’s one thing when you can talk to your thermostat. It’s an entirely different thing when your thermostat is talking to your lightbulb.  And that’s the iOt in a nutshell.  The ability for your devices to communicate amongst themselves.
    • The Quantified Family:  How well are you brushing your teeth?  How’s that fever doing?  Is baby sleeping through the night?  Are you sleeping through the night?  We now have access to all of this data about our family.  So what do we do with it?
    • Is That Data You’re Wearing?  Eyewear, wristwear, smart clothing, new ways to shop … this could be the year of the sartorial web.
    • The Physical/Digital/Virtual World of Our Kids:  To find out how the next generation of kids is shaping up, as coders, collaborators, makers and information laden beings see our Kids@Play Summit

Mary Lou Jepsen, Facebook/Oculus talks families and their screens.

The foremost engineer of screen design, Facebook and Oculus Rift’s designer, Mary Lou Jepsen sees a beautiful evolution in how families use screens from her early days with One Laptop Per Child on to the new Oculus Rift.

David Pogue Teaches Old Families New Tricks

Did You Know?  You can always tell which side of the car your gas tank is on by looking for the secret arrow on the gas gauge? These and other family tips shared.

Facebook Kids: The Great Social Experiment

Facebook never intended to be in the kids business, but here they are.  Antigone Davis offered a compassionate look at how Facebook helps parents and kids address trouble, including a new service to help prevent suicide

ABC Looks at the Future of News and Entertainment

With Disney, kids programming and new channels, ABC has embarked on the great virtual reality exploration producing apps, news segments and shows that herald the new immersive viewing patterns of today’s family.

The Parent Track

Now that parents can track everything from their kids to their dogs to their keys how are they going to manage?  Avram Piltch of Tom’s Guide leads this lively discussion with the CEOs of Trackr, WonderWoof,PiLabs and HatchBaby.

Parenting in the Modern

Rebecca Levy asks CEOS and founders from Bevvy, SayitLikeSo, Rest Devices and Johnson and Johnson for their comments on what it means to be a digital parent.  It’s complicated!


Is Your Home Smart Enough to Care for You?  

Yahoo’s Dan Tynan engages LG Electronics, Beddit, The Perfect Company and Kolibree about a home that can do it all, from brushing your teeth to measuring your sleep to replenishing your fridge and more.

Making it Wearable:  

Jenna Blaha from Marie Claire magazine knows a good wearable when she sees one. She interviews makers of MightyCast, ScotteVest, Interaxon Muse and Amanda Parkes, founder of ManufactureNYC.  The future  of wearables is bright, blingy and surprisingly useful.

Parents and Industry as Co-Partners

Author Maria Bailey studies millennial moms and helps companies create products to satisfy the needs of a new breed of parent.  She walks through the creation of HP’s special ink and social media programs with HP’s Nick Lomax.

Talking ‘Bout Blogger Generation

We held three wildly successful blogger events for HP Printers, SanDisk and LG.  Each group of 25 bloggers learned a few things about how to manage their ink usage, their media storage and how to get their up to speed on the smartest of appliances.

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And on MommyTech TV we invited stars of the exhibit floor including Whirlpool, Wonderplay, SpinMaster, WowWee and others to show us their stuff.


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KAPi Awards

Finally check out the KAPi Awards to see who got the nod from our judges for best products for kids this year.

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