Kids, Parents and Technology: The New Family Unit

Tech. Is it a third wheel? A godsend? A peacemaker? A divider? All of the above? If this market is important to your company you can’t afford to miss this deep dive into the new family dynamic.

Generations continue to grow up with tech as a natural member of the household. And that’s changing how we do things. We invite those in the business of serving the kids and family markets to hunker down, explore the latest tech and trends, and plan for success by attending the Kids@Play and Family Tech Summits.

The Summits are part of CES, the world’s greatest technology trade show, letting us bring the best of family and kids technology to the 180,000+ CES attendees.

What is The Kids and Family Tech Summit?

It’s a deep dive into all things kids and family tech including a one day conference featuring thought-leading speakers, trend reports and live demos, plus a marketplace on the Sands Showfloor that focuses on the best technologies for family life.

The marketplace showcases AR and VR, smart home appliances, robots and coding, educational and play toys, family safety, wearables, hi-tech family entertainment, family websites and services, and more.

  • The FamilyTech TV Channel: a broadcast area from the Sands Family and Kids Tech Marketplace.
  • The Kapi Awards, the “Academy Awards” for kids’ media: an evening gala celebration for kids’ interactive media winners.