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Kids and Families Speak Out About Their Changing Technology Needs

CES 2020 might be remembered as the year that the industry listened to and delivered on what kids and their families expect from technology. In a nutshell, the industry is paying more attention to the important decision to allow technology in your home, protecting devices on the go, and promoting wellness and balance for tech-savvy families.

Tech Fluid Kids

For kids, we’re calling it the year of techfluid play, where screen time no longer dominates, but tech is an organic part of the play pattern. We saw more tactile focused play patterns, often using the screen to level-up play. We saw more products backed by science and research, and a gamification of learning games that felt more natural.  Kids we’ve observed, will naturally drift into and out of tech-mode, unlike previous generations that saw a schism, and we less tech fluid.

Baby Tech Grows Up

Young parents have come to rely on data and information to help them raise their youngest children.  This year we saw new technologies  to assist premature babies in neonatal care, fertility trackers, rocking bassinets to help baby sleep and more.

Playful Explorations

Age of Learning the creators of ABC Mouse shared findings from its research and featured  author and advisor Jordan Shapiro who is examining the New Childhood. We explored the frontier of STEM and STEAM with wearable tech and hands on learning playing a big part. WWE brought SUPERSTAR KOFI KINGSTON to the stage to share strategies for using social media in positive ways, providing  a new platform for fandom and comradery.

Playful Explorations 2

New technologies like voice assistants, AR and VR and AI were also explored through Namco Bandai’s new tori, playshifu, and clickbot who are melding the two worlds into play and learning.

Keeping Tabs

Now that we can keep tabs on everyone and everything, how do we keep tabs on loved ones?  The Wall Street Journal’s Family Tech Columnist, Julie Jargon, weighed in with the creator of the most popular family app Life 360.. Digital Wellness is what we all strive for. And AVAST showcased a new generation of hardware to help families keep safe reigns on online life.

And the Awards Go To …

At our annual Young Innovators to Watch Awards 5 students presented their work on projects ranging from a website to report sexual abuse to diagnosing lung disease and more. The 11th Annual KAPi Award honored the best of breed in kids’ entertainment and media.



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