Kids@Play Summit
Wednesday, January 9, 2013
LVCC, North Hall – N256



Todays kids have grown up in a digital world. Babies cut their first teeth on tablets. Toddlers bang on mobile phones before they can walk. By the time they reach high school, these kids will likely dabble in video production, explore virtual worlds and own a drawer-full of prized personal consumer electronics. From storybooks to Facebook its how they learn, communicate and entertain themselves. Explore how being digital today creates a smarter world tomorrow. 

Moms are technology’s biggest adopters and most vocal users. MommyTech focuses on the innovations, intelligence and tools of the trade needed to reach this coveted $90 billion market. It’s about establishing trust, building relationships and creating stylish, functional products. From house cleaning to wearable fashions, mobile smarts to keeping the family safe and engaged, Mom is the household’s CEO. Empowering them with technology helps them juggle priorities, stay connected and savor their multiple roles.



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Session Description

9:00am – 9:40am

Nolan Bushnell: The Father of Digital Kids

Nolan Bushnell could be called the father of high-tech kids. From Atari to Chuck E. Cheese to spotting Steve Jobs’ brilliance before anyone else, Nolan shares his eye for what’s up and a sneak peek at his latest projects, and why learning needs to be engaging.


Nolan Bushnell, Electrical Engineering Entrepreneur, Brainrush

9:45 – 10:30 a.m.

The Transformation of Play: How 15 Years of “Smart Toys” Have Changed Children’s Play

You had toys. They have toys they can program, control, and link to incredible online worlds. Connectivity, mobility and digitization merge objects, imagination  and virtual environments in astonishing ways. Hear exciting research that heralds the next generation of imaginative play and a discussion of innovative products that fit this new play paradigm.

 Moderator:Warren Buckleitner, PhD, Editor, Children’s Technology Review

Devin Fidler, Research Director, Institute for the Future
Mike McNally, Brand Relations Director, Lego
Abe Reichental, President and CEO, 3D Systems
Björn Jeffery, CEO, Toca Boca

10:35 – 11:10 a.m.

Kids’ Tablets and Second Screen Report

Kids are using mobile screens as an extension of themselves: to learn, to play, to entertain and be entertained. And they’re doing it in conjunction with lots of other activities. Meet the hottest new tablets, console equipment and 3D printers that are rewriting the rules of how kids interact with the world.

 Moderator:Tom Dusenberry, CEO, Dusenberry Entertainment  

Eric Levin, Division Head, Techno Source, a division of LF Products (a Li & Fung company)
Kamar Shah, CMO, Rullingnet Corporation
Aymeric Le Cottier, CEO, Lexibook
Bob Hacker, CFO, One Laptop per Child Association Inc.

11:15am – 11:40pm

Cutting-Edge Apps and Books for Kids

From the resurrection of old CD favorites to new, augmented reality apps, from traditional bound books to those that defy definition, from immersive new worlds with currency, physical objects and a life of their own, we look at kids’ media in 2013.

 Moderator:Dr. J. Alison Bryant, President, PlayScience

Mickey Mantle, CEO, Wanderful Story Books
Daren Carstens, Carstens Studio
Nancy MacIntyre, CEO, Fingerprint Digital
Dani Nadel, Chief Digital Marketing Officer, Scholastic Inc.
Jody Levos, Manager, Learning Team Leapfrog

11:45 a.m. – 12:10 p.m

Next Up in Virtual Worlds

Online worlds where kids play, communicate and explore together have become increasingly richer. As adults we distinguish online and offline play but let’s see how these worlds are evolving into new kinds of experiences for kids.

 Moderator:Scott Traylor, Chief Kid and Founder, 360Kid

Fred Howard, VP Marketing KingsIsle Entertainment
Dr. James Bower, CEO Numedeon Inc.
Zan O’Leary, COO Geopalz, LLC
Caitlyn Gatrell, Host,
Daniel Lockney, Program Specialist for Technology Transfer, NASA

12:15 – 1 p.m.

EdTech: The Lines between School and
Home Are Blurring

While consumer products for kids continue to push the envelope, some of the most exciting progress has occurred in education with entrepreneurial companies entering the schools to provide individual learning anytime, anywhere. We debut five can’t-miss products.

 Moderator:Mandeep Dhillon, Co-Founder, Togetherville

David Merrill, President and Co-founder, Sifteo
Tom Axtell, General Manager, Vegas PBS
Jody Levos, Manager, Learning Team Leapfrog

1:00pm – 1:30pm

David Pogue: Should Kids be Allowed to Find Science Interesting?

David Pogue, non-scientist, was plucked out of obscurity to host four NOVA miniseries on PBS. The mission: to illustrate cutting-edge scientific developments as clearly and as entertainingly as possible. In this lavishly photographed, highly hilarious talk, Pogue will share the experience of a lifetime–and opine on the state of science, television, and humor in America.


David Pogue, Technology Columnist,The New York Times

 Special Appearance: Richard North, President and CEO, Wow! Stuff


Mommy Tech Summit
Wednesday, January 9, 2013
LVCC, North Hall – N256


Session Title

Session Description

1:40 – 2:25 p.m

Don’t Call Them Mommies

Business Secrets from the most successful parenting bloggers on creating content that attract marketers and press.

 Moderator:Lori Schwartz, Tech Catalyst, World of Schwartz

Greg Smith, CEO and Managing Partner, iRgonomic
Liz Gumbinner, Editor-in-Chief, Cool Mom Picks
Rebecca Levey, Writer, Social Media Strategist, Kidzvuz
Danielle Wiley, Principal, Sway Group LLC
Kimberly Clayton Blaine, The GoTo Mom

2:30 – 2:55 p.m

Sex in Digital Times

Women’s erotica has caused e-book sales to skyrocket. Women buy tech toys for personal pleasure with the same nonchalance that men buy Playboy. How has technology changed women’s sex lives?

 Moderator:Kendra Novick, Director of Business Development, Standard Innovation

3:00 – 3:55 p.m.

Five Trends Moms Can’t Afford to Miss

The modern mom is going to get used to a lot of new time-savers this year. We look at cloud-based family services, mobile phone safety, the phone-as-wallet, wearable fashion and gadgets galore.

 Moderator:Beth Blecherman, Tech Journalist, Founder of

Joanne Lang, Founder and CEO, AboutOne
Greg Duffy, CEO, Dropcam
Brad Davis, EVP-Sales, Photobucket
Judith Bitterli, CMO, AVG Technologies
Oren Boiman, CEO and Co-Founder, Magisto LLC
Jeff Mullen, CEO and Founder, Dynamics Inc.
Tanu Grewal, Senior Brand Manager, Whirlpool

4:00 – 5 p.m.

Women in CE

A lively group of Type-A women from all segments of the tech community looks at the glass ceiling, the juggling act and how to bring a woman’s touch to the manly world of tech.

 Moderator:Carol Campbell, Publisher, Napco

Sandra Benedetto, Media Director, Field Engineering, THX Ltd.
Marta Thoma Hall, President, Velodyne
Andrea Smith, Digital Lifestyle Editor, Mashable
Amy Millman, President, Springboard Enterprises