It Was the Year of the Family at CES 2015
 Families are highly motivated to use technology to make their lives more manageable and to stay connected with each other


In 2015, families with kids under 18 years old are leading the charge in acquiring the newest gadgets and devices, including wearables, entertainment, home appliances and mobile devices. Recent statistics show that families with children are more likely to purchase wearable tech and twice as likely as non-parents to purchase a 3D printer in the next year.

The Internet of Things, mobile, untethered communications, long lasting battery life, and wearable technology are just a few of the reasons why this year may go down in CES history as the year of the family.

 On the show floor we saw the future take hold in astounding ways:

Whirlpool’s Smart Kitchen  showed how appliances can talk (to each other). video

Innovzen  O2 Chair helps you relax and distress by reinforcing breathing techniques and dispensing oxygen. 


Kolibree’s 3D motion sensing toothbrush has an app that tracks how well you and the kids are brushing 


Bellabeat is all tracking women’s lives from pre to post pregnancy. video

Binatone’s line of dog trackers included video monitoring as well as location trackers.  

Announcements were made:

Brother’s Dream Machine: a high-tech sewing machine with built in cameras and lasers to make sure you’ve got it right.

Girl Scouts Launch Online Cookie App and an Entrepreneurial Future

The hereO GPS watch is the world’s smallest real-time GPS location device created specifically for children age 3 and up. 

Mira : A wearable bracelet by women for women from Mira Fitness video

The hereO GPS watch is the world’s smallest real-time GPS location device created specifically for children age 3 and up.

Blue Spark Technologies launched TempTraq™, the only wearable wireless thermometer patch that continuously and comfortably monitors body temperature for 24 hours and sends alerts to compatible mobile

Celluon showcased its video projector that projects a keyboard onto any surface.

VestTech tackled the important issue of radiation emitted from mobile devices with a number of new products including a maternity belly band. 



Wearables and Fashion

Tech went fashion at the WebMD FashionWare show. Hosted by Project Runway’s Nick Verreos and featuring models wearing everything from environmentally responsive clothing to recycled swag, it’s clear that CES FamilyTech is fashion forward. Watch Here



What We Learned:



Wearables for Women

From Mother to Muse, from finders of lost things to socks that track health, wearables are making life easier.

“I can bring my brain back to focus and enjoy the moment with brain training,”
Ariel Garten , CEO, InteraXon, @choosemuse
“If a small number of people benefit from being freed of wires and could get out and exercise more, I’d be really proud.”
Patrick Donahue, CEO, Hear Notes, @gethearnotes
“Posing for a photo takes you out of the moment”
Corina Standiford , Narrative, @getnarrative
Yahoo! Tech’s David Pogue Explains the Quantified Self


You can’t throw Frisbee at this show without hitting a fitness tracker. “
David Pogue, Yahoo Tech, @Pogue
The Super Smart Home
“In this high tech world we were concerned about breathing. Notice that when one person yawns, it’s contagious?
Dan Brule, Innovzen, @innovzen
“The smart home should know where your stuff is in the home. And when you’re on the go you should be able to crowdsource your missing device.“ Chris Herbert @thetrackr
Chris Herbert, TrackR, 1 @thetrackr
“Homes need to increase the use of machine learning, learning from the patterns of your life at home. We need valuable notifications.“
Rafi Haladjian,, @sensemother
“ We love to watch the Food Network, but now we’re empowering people to cook and take pride in their own cooking.”
Ben Artis , Whirlpool @whirlpool
“Each woman wants a data experience that’s precisely tailored to them. It’s the personalization that’s key.”
Diane Otter, @whattoexpect
“Self-tracking for women should be an engaging experience. Women need a host of products for the right moment in their lives, but they call connect to the same app creating a unified system”
Urška Sršen , Bellabeat, @bellabeat
“Think about the way you normally see a recipe with ingredients at the top and steps at the bottom, we’ve organized them together for you so that baking is fluid and satisfying.”
Michael Wallace , Partner, Pure Imagination, LLC @perfectbake
“Subtle changes in body temperature can help women understand their fertility cycles”
Lauren Costantini , Prima-Temp, Inc @primatemp
“For moms, the world is divided into two big buckets. Things that they have to do and things that they want to do. Our job is to give them more time to do what they want to do.”
David VanderWaal , LG @lgelectronics
Showfloor Interviews








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