It all originated in the company

//It all originated in the company

It all originated in the company

All originated in the company


Why did we choose to combine child education and modern AR technology?

The development of the Internet and mobile apps had a big impact on our traditional way of learning. We started to wonder if there was a way to combine both areas and even encourage learning: the efficiency of traditional learning methods with the joys of digital technology.

We found this combination in our AR technology in the  child educational field. We are not seeking to reject traditional learning. Instead, we enhance it through technology, and we take it a step further to make children’s dreams come true.

Why did we develop a completely new AR device with a round screen?

Children are very smart and are able to intuitively use smartphones and tablets without any previous teaching. Children are able to use modern devices and their applications from a very young age. When I saw my son playing with my smartphone I realized that a series of small problems would occur, such as a finger covering the lens, or dropping the device because of its weight. I decided to develop a device that would  be more adapted to children’s hands and their behavior.

Nowadays, people are used to the fast speed of change in our society and get impatient when things are happening in a slower way.  But in order to do things in a correct and sustainable way, we need to slow down to an appropriate pace of progress. We need to stay in touch with our values and our sentiments. We need to keep the artisan’s culture of handling our products with care, of doing things meticulously. 

Text by Neo Xiong.

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