What is the right age? Do I want my kids having access to the internet and chat apps?
What happens if my kids post on social media? What if they send inappropriate photos?
Will my kid spend all day looking at the phone? Will their grades suffer?
These are just some of the many fears parents face when struggling with this issue.

Parents want to be able to keep in touch with their kid when they are out of the house and keep them safe at the same time. There are 34 million children in the USA between the age of 4 and 11 who leave the house every day without any way to contact a family member or call for help. We live in a big scary world right now: School Shootings, Bullying at school, Abusive caregivers, or something as simple as missing a bus or getting off at the wrong bus stop can cause fear and distress in the heart of any parent. According to the FBI over 800,000 children are reported missing every year, that equals one child every 40 seconds. Most of these cases are not serious and usually resolve themselves quickly but if these kids had a way to call home many of these cases could have been solved without law enforcement being involved.

What is a parent to do?
If you want your kid to have access to the internet, games, social media and more, SUPERVISE THEM!!
Get a tablet that they can use at home where you can monitor them and see what they are up to. Have them us this device in a public area of the house, not hiding in their rooms. Check the browser history and see where they are searching online, check what apps have been downloaded, and if you don’t know what the app is find out.

How can my kids safely communicate when they leave home?
That is why we created KidsConnect, a GPS tracker cell phone, your “All In One Security Solution”.

• The KidsConnect KC2 Phone is equipped GPS/LBS/WIFI[1] Location which allows real time tracking of the phone via the Android or iOS App or on any web enabled device.
• The KidsConnect KC2 is equipped with a Touchscreen as well as 3 Speed Dial Buttons and a 15 number phone book. These pre-programmed numbers are the only numbers that the child can call and text as well as being the only numbers that can call and text the phone.
• Parents can also see where their children have been with the location history feature.
• The SOS feature when activated will send a text message with the GPS/LBS/WIFI[1] location to up to 3 cell phone numbers and then it will auto-dial the first number on the SOS list.
• The GeoFencing feature allows parents to set 5 predetermined areas and receive an alert if the phone enters or leaves the area.
• The Voice Monitoring feature allows parents to send a text message to the phone and within a minute the phone will call back without activating the screen allowing them the ability to monitor the kid’s surroundings.

Michael Dean, Managing Member, KidsConnect, www.mykidsconnect.com