2015sAnnaVanSleeAnna van Slee is an inventor. She has been developing toys and designing games for more than a decade. Her strategic input and direction have contributed to the success of global brands such as Furby, My Little Pony, G.I. Joe and Happy Meal. Anna is currently an Account Director at the digital design agency Manifest Digital. As part of the healthcare team leadership, Anna is bringing play to the rapidly-evolving healthcare space.

Anna continues to create playthings as co-founder of Otherdoor Entertainment, an assembly of specialized, independent inventors. Otherdoor assembles to collaborate on special projects, such as partnering with the Tribune Media Company to re-imagine Little Orphan Annie. She is also a Committee Member of the Chicago Toy & Game Group, for which she directs the playCHIC Fashion Show.

In her spare time, Anna practices tae kwon do, and looks forward to the next issue of her favorite comic book series.