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Dulcie Madden is co-founder and CEO of Mimo Baby, creator of smart products for a connected nursery that focuses on simplifying parents’ lives. She received her BS in Biology from Georgetown University and her MPH from Boston University. Prior to earning half an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, Dulcie worked in India for four years as a Program Officer for the Deshpande Foundation, where she developed programs promoting entrepreneurship, managed grant portfolios, and led the team’s operations and growth. In February 2014, Dulcie and fellow MIT alumni Thomas Lipoma and Carson Darling launched the first product in the Mimo Smart Nursery: a wearable baby monitor that sends data and real-time alerts about baby’s breathing, sleeping, body position, and skin temperature directly to a parent’s smart device. Recently, Dulcie and team launched their second product, a smart crib sheet that sends alerts for inactivity and streams live audio from the nursery. Additional monitoring devices, programs, partnerships and products in new categories are on deck for 2016.