2015s_hala_HemayssiHala is a designer of change. A hybrid business innovation strategist and UX veteran, she works with bold and ambitious business leaders to design growth in culture, products and services. Originally trained in traditional graphic design at the American University of Beirut, she landed at the Art Institute of Chicago for her MFA in 1996. Growing up online in user experience design, the arc of her career is in parallel path to the coming of age of design as a core business process. Through carefully crafted lean, collaborative and iterative approach to problem solving, she delivers captivating platform experiences, award winning products and client specific transformative solutions for her clients from Paris to Berlin to Cairo. As a strategist, she pushes the boundaries to re-frame the questions and not only to define solutions. Lately, she has been consulting with startups and Fortune 500 companies on product strategy leveraging design thinking to solve challenging problems building out teams that spearhead innovation initiatives.