Krissa Watry is Co-Founder and CEO of Dynepic®, a Charleston, SC based software firm, powering the safe connection of kids into the digital world. Krissa holds engineering degrees from the USAF Academy and MIT.  She is a USAF veteran and a rocket scientist with multiple units launched into space. Krissa is now on a new mission to inspire the next generation with Dynepic’s patented Internet of Toys® platform and services to power the future of play. Dynepic’s first service, called iOKids®, provides the secure API and iOKids single sign-on for brands to easily extend their products to the under 13 market.  Dynepic’s platform includes a suite of apps called iOKids Parent and iOKids allowing parents to have one place to manage how their kids interact through the gateway and allowing kids to manage their own parent-approved friends list. The parental permissions, consent, child profile, and friends list managed in the iOKids Parent app are then accessible through the iOKids API allowing toy companies, app developers, and IoT companies to use the iOKids single-sign on and shared parent-managed child profiles in their apps to create safe, personalized, parent-approved, and social experiences for the under 13 population.