Matt MacBeth is CEO and Co-Founder of pi lab. MacBeth is an Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, Inventor, Efficiency Expert, Engineer, and Chief Optimist. He has crafted these roles with several start ups as well as with established companies. MacBeth’s shared experience with medical and consumer electronic industries is distinguished by the awards he’s earned through his innovation and creativity. As Founder of GR9 Technologies / Cypherlabs, MacBeth designed and delivered several “firsts,” including the first digital iOS audio device integration product to market, the first portable DSP enhanced headphone amplifier, the first 6-channel DSP tuned in-ear monitor system, and the first portable headphone amplifier with a digital volume control, winning several technology awards in the process. MacBeth’s experience with GR9, as well as with Klipsch, Stem Innovation, and Dream Audiolab, combined with his intuitive technological skills, have prepared him for his latest adventures with Edwin the Duck.