Michael Dean, the creator of the KidsConnect KC2 GPS Tracker Cell Phone. The worlds first 4G GPS Tracker Cell Phone designed specifically for keeping kids safe and in touch. Allowing parents to obtain peace of mind when letting their children explore this big wonderful world we live in.

Michael is a graduate of Boston University with a Degree in marketing and has been a lifelong entrepreneur. He has owned many successful businesses and has finally found one that lets him explore his passion for keeping children safe.

Michael was inspired to find an easy to use cell phone and tracker by his grandson, who was born with Anophthalmia, a birth defect where the child is born blind. With this inspiration, the KC1 (first version) was born. When other parents saw the device they asked if they can they use it for their children, and with the urging of these parents, KidsConnect was born.

“Imagine if you left the house without your phone, the anxiety would drive you crazy. There are 34 million children in the USA between the age of 4 and 11 who leave the house every day without any way to contact a family member or call for help. We live in a big scary world right now: School Shootings, Bullying at school, Abusive caregivers, or something as simple as missing a bus or getting off at the wrong bus stop can cause fear and distress in the heart of any parent and child.”

– Michael Dean