A formative youth woven with arcade machines and fairground rides I think has plenty to do with the career I’ve carved out. I’m a passionate articulator, have plenty to say and, whilst admittedly mistaken, on occasion, I make a good case for my defence. I’ve written, created, scripted, directed, reviewed and presented an all manner of aspects of the tech and toy businesses. I’ve been the expert across the BBC, ITV, CNN, CNBC, Channel 5 and pretty much every UK radio station. For over a decade I’ve penned round-ups and features for national publications, on and offline, these words are everywhere. I’m delivered into any project with an unmatched passion and dedication for trying, testing and talking about the latest, coolest and most interesting offerings from the world of tech and toys. An expert on toys and tech trends I’m also co-founder of a melting pot of talent that is Board Game Club, a monthly get together for inventors and play testers to get together and develop ideas.