rafi_portrait_hd-125Sen.se founder rafi Haladjian started Photo Gaston, his first business, at age 15 in his dad’s garage in the midst of the Lebanese civil war bombings. He moved to France in 1978, determined to get into the film industry, eventually producing and directing films featuring great names in literature and cinema including Lonesco, Calvino and Fellini. Life soon took a turn. While studying semiotics, rafi accidentally stumbled upon the world of telecom networks, devices connected to them and their potential uses, and he has never turned back. He was involved in the fascinating adventure of the Minitel (French precursor of the Web) from its inception in the 1980s. In 1994, he founded FranceNet, the very first French Internet company, which he sold to British Telecom in 2003 to start working on the post-web world. He created Ozone, a pervasive wireless network operator that covered 65% of Paris thanks to Wi-Fi antennas placed on roofs and based on a viral community model. He also founded Violet, a pioneer in the Internet of Things, which won global acclaim with its iconic product – Nabaztag, the smart rabbit, before launching Mother, the Internet of Things 2.0, in 2014.