Sada Malladi is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vimana, a comprehensive device and software solution to detect and reverse digital addiction while providing safer internet access to families.

As the father of two young girls, the defining moment for Sada happened when his five-year-old was constantly on the phone. He had no clear visibility into the screen usage of the kid. Vimana was created from his frustration with the lack of tools to nurture healthy digital habits.

Parents are worried about excessive use of digital devices as it is causing a 50 % increase in suicide rates linked to cyberbullying and depression and a drop of 14 points in SAT scores. Vimana solves this by going beyond just blocking sites. Vimana offers insights and tools for parents to help stop and reverse digital addiction among their children.

Sada is a technology enthusiast and evangelist. When he is not busy being a father, Sada enjoys reading and playing ping pong and tennis.