Stutsynski leads all product strategy and development for Sleep Number’s technology platforms – electronics, software, application, and API architecture – including SleepIQ, the revolutionary biometric sleep tracking technology that helps users achieve their best sleep.

Since joining Sleep Number, Stutsynski has been instrumental in managing Sleep Number’s quick product development transformation in partnership with the Vice President of SleepIQ Technology, and is responsible for the development of Sleep Number’s five-year software and technology strategic development plan.

Working on establishing a world-class sleep tracking technology, Stutsynski works as the SleepIQ Technology organizational program owner, managing all key software development needs, and helping to lead the vertically integrated cross-functional teams through the operationalization of the SleepIQ Technology platform.

Prior to Sleep Number, Stutsynski worked as a product manager at Honeywell and Tennant and received an MBA from Augsburg University and undergrad degree from University of St. Thomas.