Val Vacante is the Founder of Collabsco, a strategy and innovation firm based in Austin, Texas. In a connected world of entertainment, play, living and learning Val has pioneered award winning digital products and experiences across IoT, AR, VR and beyond.

Val launched the first-ever connected play landscape, mapping hundreds of connected play experiences, emerging technologies and business growth opportunities.

She expanded Collabsco’s innovation efforts across the US, Europe and South America helping companies build their portfolios through collaborations with inventors, startups and global brands.

Val is also the Co-Founder of TechUp, a curated service that showcases innovative products on a global stage, featured at WIRED Live, WIRED Next Generation, CES and SXSW.

In between driving what’s next in technology, culture and design, Val serves on the SXSW Innovation Advisory Board, CES KAPi Awards Judge, Global Expert to MassChallenge, international speaker and technology writer.