Vikas Gupta is the co-founder and CEO of Wonder Workshop, makers of the multi-award-winning robots Dash, Cue, and Dot Creativity Kit. Vikas is a father of two, and it was the time he spent with his daughter when she was born that inspired him to start Wonder Workshop. Vikas takes pride in Wonder Workshop’s mission to tackle the gender gap in STEM and make coding with robots easily accessible and fun for both boys and girls. In 2018, KAPi recognized Vikas as the Emerging Pioneer at the CES.

Wonder Workshop’s mission is to inspire inventors of all ages by giving them the tools to imagine and invent the future. The company is committed to helping children succeed in the 21st century and developing in-depth experiences that balance fun and learning, promote collaboration, and provide enduring value to both girls and boys – at home and in the classroom. Wonder Workshop’s award-winning products are used by millions at home and in more than 20,000 schools worldwide.