Zee Dubrovsky is a tech entrepreneur and roboticist with a track record of creating market-disrupting products. Zee was a part of the early team at iRobot where he held roles developing the original Roomba robotic floor vacuum and leading the advanced development and commercialization efforts of iRobot’s technologies. Zee was also part of the early team at Sonos where he was responsible for creating the strategic roadmap to take their products from a niche category into a mass-market wireless music business. His diverse experience in consumer product success led him to Harvard University, where he led robotics technology development and licensing for Harvard’s faculty labs at the Wyss Institute.

While at Harvard University, Zee and fellow researchers were developing Root, an easy-to-use robot that teaches coding through the use of a proprietary app designed for kids of all ages and experience levels — from pre-readers to college students. Zee is now the CEO and co-founder of Root Robotics, a company on a mission to get anyone coding. Root Robotics holds an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement for use of Root and the accompanying app. He believes robots are the best way to help kids explore all the truly amazing things they can do with their imagination. Root is ready to join kids on a quest to discover the joys of coding, music, art, and adventure. For more information, visit www.codewithroot.com.